Pegasus Theatre produces new and original comedies to inspire and cultivate North Texas artists and to entertain, enlighten, and engage our community.


Get the exciting new game of Murder Mystery Theatre Production inspired by Pegasus Theatre, featuring 2 Living Black & White™ productions.

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At Pegasus Theatre, we love new comedies! Here’s a complete listing of 36 years and over 100 of our shows!

Living Black & White™

Pegasus Theatre’s signature style! Learn all about the continuing adventures of intrepid detective Harry Hunsacker.

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Pegasus News

Meet Dayna Fries

Being a world class props designer requires an enormous amount of imagination and creativity. Dayna Fries has truckloads of both! She’ll need them to outfit a secret Nazi laboratory set in WW II and do it on a budget! Here’s where the hotdog spiralizers come in. It...

Meet Robert Winn!

Robert Winn has designed four Living Black and White sets for Pegasus since early 2016. He was also the Technical Director for our big Broadway-style musical “The Cuban and the Redhead” in September 2018. Those two roles interact quite a bit, and it helps if you’ve...

Meet John Harvey!

Thanks to a recommendation from the talented Robin Armstrong, John Harvey joined Pegasus Theatre in late 2005 as our Assistant Stage Manager. He was immediately struck by two things: Everyone in the cast, crew, and producing team was very accepting and encouraging....

Meet Michelle Foster!

Before Michelle Foster arrived on the Pegasus scene, we had only two years of experience under our belt with a production manager on our Living Black and White shows. Michelle came in and ever so graciously whipped us into shape. Along the way Michelle had an...

The winner of Fresh Reads 2019 is…

Pegasus Theatre is pleased to announce that after reviewing feedback from the audience and Pegasus Veterans, the play Palais de Sang by Jake Mathis and Evan Ricks was selected our winner of Fresh Reads 2019.  Congratulations! The competition this year was fierce and...

About Bruce R. Coleman!

Bruce R. Coleman Bruce R. Coleman is an award-winning Director/Designer/Playwright who has lived and worked in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area for 35 years. He began his association with Pegasus Theatre in 1987 as a set designer and created several of the sets for the...