Marc Rouse has spent his entire life in creative endeavors, if you don’t count the four years he spent in the Marine Corps. Yes, that’s right, THE MARINE CORPS. How badass is that?!

Marc’s creative expression began in a kindergarten play and continued through high school, where he studied radio and TV and had a weekly radio program. After his tenure in the Marines, Marc landed in Dallas and stayed, earning an Associates Degree at the esteemed KD Actor’s Studio. His first role at Pegasus Theatre was performing in the January 2001 production of “The Frequency of Death!” and we’ve been lucky to work with him ever since, both as an actor and a video director.

Marc describes his video skill set as “soup to nuts”, and he enjoys it all. He describes his creative process as governed by a basic principle: Learn the essentials, then break the rules. Marc enjoys working with Pegasus because we demonstrate respect for those with whom we collaborate. He also has fond memories of dressing room banter: creating a male hygiene product called “Umpire” (“for foul balls”); imagining a Star Wars musical set to the score from ”Oklahoma”.

One of our favorite memories of working with Marc is the time we hired him as the understudy for Raymond Banda (the actor playing Lt Foster.) Marc was scheduled for an understudy performance on a Sunday and was learning all the lines and blocking for the role of Lt Foster. As luck would have it, Tim Honnoll (the actor playing Nigel) became horribly ill that weekend and needed someone to go on for him. Marc rose to the challenge! Put yourself in Marc’s shoes. He had to play a completely different role than the one he studied for, and he had to do it with less than 24 hours notice. Then he STILL had to go on the next day as Lt Foster! It was a remarkable achievement!