Before my wife, Barbara Weinberger, got involved with Pegasus Theatre, she celebrated Christmas with a full heart. Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, baking —- she even tried to organize outdoor caroling with friends!
Once Barbara became involved with Pegasus Theatre, however, it was impossible for her to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way. With preparations for the opening of our annual Living Black and White™ show, November and December are our busiest months.
We tried, we really did! One night after rehearsal, I went by a late-night Christmas tree lot and showed up on our doorstep with a Christmas tree in hand. Barbara was very touched. I can’t remember if we ever decorated it. It was still a special moment.
Eventually we both accepted that our Christmas celebration would look different. We got inspiration from one of our favorite movies, “A Christmas Story”. And thus we ended up eating Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant every year! The tradition has expanded to include many friends with whom we’ll often hold a Secret Santa gift exchange. This is now our special moment, in the company of those we hold dear.
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