As theater-makers, we hold ourselves accountable to practices that will ensure that Pegasus Theatre is an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and actively anti-racist organization, both on-stage and off. Moving forward, you will see the same diversity on the audition team that we hope to see on-stage. We will charge our directors to be “diversity conscious” in their casting. With the help of our Diversity Advocate, we will strive to make the audition room a safe space for all, regardless of age, race, color, gender identity, disability, religion, veteran status, national origin, or sexual orientation. We welcome you!

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Dateline: May 1939 – Bishop Perkins suspects that something is amiss at Our Lady of Perpetual Weepiness and has asked Harry Hunsacker, World-famous detective and aspiring actor, to check into things at the convent. Harry, Nigel Grouse, and Lt. Foster find themselves in more trouble than they could possibly imagine. What sort of trouble? Why, Nun, of course!

We continue our 2022 season with the RadioVizion™ production of Kurt Kleinmann’s “Death is a Bad Habit!”  RadioVizion™ is an alternative technique devised by Pegasus Theatre for the presentation of the Living Black & White™ series of Harry Hunsacker adventures. RadioVizion™ does not employ the trade-secret makeup but instead focuses on evoking the experience and glamour of being in a live radio studio of the 1930s and 1940s. Live sound effects, actors at period-style live microphones, and costumes suggestive of the era complete the effect.

Non-Equity Auditions for “Death is a Bad Habit!”, a comedy murder-mystery by Kurt Kleinmann, presented in RadioVizion™, will be held on Saturday, May 14, and Sunday, May 15. Raymond Banda will direct the production.

Audition times are Saturday (5/14) 1 – 5 pm and Sunday (5/15) 3 – 7 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: It is our intent to select a fully vaccinated cast for this production.

To sign-up for auditions:

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Audition sides and location (it will be in Dallas) will be emailed to you after you sign up. A reader(s) will be provided.

Rehearsals will be in person. Performances will be in person.

Rehearsals begin May 31. Performance dates are June 9 – 25, 2022.

All roles are paid positions.

The role of Harry—the central recurring character in this series—has been cast.


Bishop Perkins – Fussy and nervous about what might be happening at the convent. Eager to get information from Harry, Nigel, and Foster so he can control the situation. Will be double-cast with William the Groundskeeper.
Sister Ruth – A little older and bossier than the other nuns. The de facto leader when Mother Superior is not around.
Mother Superior – A tough-talking crime boss masquerading as the head of the convent. A powerful woman used to getting her way.
Sister Maria – Quiet and bookish. Very shy, keeps to herself when she can. Chose the life of a nun for the peacefulness it would bring.
Sister Rachel – Awfully good looking for a nun. Knows Nigel as a drinking buddy from her alcoholic past. Being a nun has sobered her up.
Sister Grace – A nun-in-training. Has an imaginary friend with who she converses. Seems fragile at times but has an inner strength.
Brother John – A thug masquerading as a monk. Reports to the Mother Superior, also known as “Ma.”
Brother Paul – A thug masquerading as a monk. Reports to the Mother Superior, also known as “Ma.”
William the Groundskeeper – An aging servant at the convent, devoted to his work on the landscaping. Nearly blind and nearly deaf. Will be double-cast with Bishop Perkins.
Lt. Foster – The real police. Not a deep thinker but he has “street smarts.”
Nigel Grouse –  Harry’s paid-by-the-hour assistant. Much smarter than Harry, but Nigel cares too much about Harry to ever let on. Harry helped Nigel out at a low point in his life, and Nigel will always be grateful. The relationship between Harry and Nigel is brotherly with Nigel being the older, wiser brother. Nigel is also a ladies’ man.

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