Pegasus Theatre is deeply saddened by the ongoing systemic racism and violence towards those in the black community. We mourn the losses of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many more. We stand in solidarity with you in the fight against oppression and racial injustice, as well as prejudice and intolerance of any kind. 
We believe the arts should provide a common ground and creative outlet for our local community and our larger communities to come together.  Part of the mission of Pegasus Theatre is to enlighten and engage the community, and we ask our creative members, patrons, and staff to join us in educating themselves further in order to help create change where it is so desperately needed. We as a company pledge to continue with our own education and to find ways to promote diversity and inclusion in our productions and in our community. 
We see you.
We hear you.
We stand with you.
Black Lives Matter. 
Below this post are resources to help start an educational process, but we encourage everyone to look beyond simply what we’ve left here. We support those of our community who are speaking out and peacefully protesting and every person who is working together to make a change. 
Michael Piper, Board President
Kurt Kleinmann, Artistic Director
Barbara Weinberger, Executive Director
John Harvey, Managing Director
Black Lives Matter’s page on ways to help
NAACP We Are Done Dying page
Project Implicit- A tool produced by Harvard to examine implicit bias
Resource about what white people can do to combat racial injustice
Resource on how to be a good ally, including further reading and education opportunities
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