The Art of Martyrdom by Rita Anderson –  an irreverent behind-the-scenes look at Hrosvitha, our foremother and the first female playwright. It is an exploration of how her “secret” plays got out and about the 10th-century nun’s secret playfulness. But, if the first female playwright of the Western world lived 500 years before Shakespeare, then why has no one heard of her?  Rated PG

The Robotics of Love and Longing by Germaine Shames – A quirky adult comedy about technology, taboos, and the lengths to which the human need for connection may drive us. Rated PG -13.

Mutability by Straton Rushing – A senseless crime gets committed in a rural, desolate corner of West Texas and the lone survivor is left to tell her story… but this is a comedy so it is actually about grief, fear, and the slow undignified economic death of rural America which will be explored in the silliest possible way. Rated PG-13.

Pegasus Theatre produces new and original comedies to inspire and cultivate North Texas artists and to entertain, enlighten, and engage our community.


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Pegasus News

Meet Joey Dietz

Like so many boys in high school, Joey got involved with theatre because of a girl. That relationship didn’t work out, but it was the start of a lifelong love affair with theatre. Joey says he had plenty of other interests in high school (sports, choir, etc) but he...

Meet Bryan Douglas

Bryan Douglas is a man of many talents: actor, lighting designer, set designer, builder, crew, he’s done it all. So it may be surprising to learn that Bryan came somewhat reluctantly to his discovery of theatre. It happened in high school. Bryan was active in sports...

Meet Alex Moore

Alex Moore is no stranger to Pegasus audiences, having been in every January Living Black and White show since she auditioned for “XSR:Die!” in fall of 2012. Her audition scene was a flirtatious one with then Harry Hunsacker, Kurt Kleinmann. She was so effective that...

Meet Chad Cline

You probably know Chad Cline as our Lt Foster, master of the slow burn as he’s being driven crazy by Harry Hunsacker. But Chad is a man with many interests! Chad played sports in school and excelled to the extent that he was offered a college football scholarship. His...

Meet Ben Bryant

Having to search for a new Nigel is always a traumatic experience. Imagine our relief, then, when we met Ben Bryant in the fall of 2009! Not only was he perfect for the role, but he appeared to be game to stay for a while. Ten years later, we are deeply grateful that...