Alex Moore is no stranger to Pegasus audiences, having been in every January Living Black and White show since she auditioned for “XSR:Die!” in fall of 2012. Her audition scene was a flirtatious one with then Harry Hunsacker, Kurt Kleinmann. She was so effective that Kurt’s wife felt a twinge of jealousy and we knew we had a winner!

When asked how she got into theatre, Alex said “It’s sort of the family business.” Her parents met doing theatre and Alex grew up in and around theatre. When she announced that she would seek a theatrical career, she received some sage advice: “Just know that you’ll be broke forever!”

Fast-forward to college where Alex repeated history by meeting her future husband (Christian Schmoker) while doing a show at Texas Tech. Here was this funny guy who loved board games as much as Alex did. “I want to get to know him,” she thought. And so she did.

After receiving her MFA in Theater, Alex went on tour for a year while Christian settled in the DFW area. When Alex returned, Pegasus was the first theatre to cast her and she soon fit right in. In fact Alex became as invaluable behind the scenes as she was on stage, handling our social media, giving input on policy decisions, and stepping up with hands-on help in countless situations. “It’s a rare thing,” says Alex, “when an actor can go from on-stage work to other positions, when one’s ideas are trusted and implemented. I get to help shape the theatre and preserve its legacy.”

Apart from Pegasus Theatre, Alex maintains an intense pace, making her living as a creative talent. She does voiceover work at Funimation, commercials, modeling, TV, and film, signing with an agency to ensure a flow of work. Alex loves cosplay, making all of her own costumes and now creating commissioned costumes for others. She’s resourceful, self-taught, and never one to back away from a challenge!

In most recent news, Alex had the idea to repurpose one of the former dresses worn by the Lady in Red. She is creating 12 dozen fabric roses for sale and rental at the upcoming show. Come see Alex and her colleagues in “The Color of Death!”, then buy a rose to commemorate the event!