Kyle Strickland came to us with glowing recommendations and they are well-earned! Kyle’s interest in technical theatre began many years ago. He got involved in theatre at his school, but he wanted more. So Kyle did what anyone with a curious mind does. He reached out, in this case to organizations where he believed he could be of service and learn something in the process. Organizations like The Dallas Children’s Theatre and Barbizon Lighting Company.
As a result, at a relatively young age Kyle already has an impressive resume! We think he’s the perfect fit for what we need in an associate lighting designer. He has the right mix of hard-won knowledge and burning curiosity. Both will serve him well on this production.
Kyle faces two challenges as he shares light design responsibility with Sam Nance. The first challenge is from the show itself. By now you no doubt know that part of the show is in brilliant Technocolor. It will be like lighting two separate shows! The second challenge is for Kyle to capture what Sam knows about the Living Black and White effect, both for use on this show and for future reference.
When not working for Pegasus Theatre or attending to his schoolwork, Kyle takes classes at UTD to learn everything he can about technical theatre. He produces video as well as news broadcasts at his school. It’s like he’s the “next gen” version of a lighting/sound/video designer wrapped up in one person!
In addition to Kyle’s experience and energy, we were impressed by something Kyle said in the interview. At some point in his theatre career, he came to believe that “theatre is a community.” We couldn’t agree more! We look forward to seeing the big impact Kyle has in our Pegasus community.