Erik McCullough has worked with us for five years now and became our Technical Director a year ago for “Clowning Around With Murder!” Like a few others on the team, he makes his living primarily in the arts, working for the Dallas Opera, the Santa Fe Opera, and various other organizations across the metroplex.
Erik loves the sense of camaraderie he gets from working in live theatre. There’s a sense of community born from the passion everyone brings to their work. People working in live theatre do so because they enjoy it, not just for a paycheck.
What about when things go wrong, as they sometimes do? In Erik’s eyes, that’s when we see the community at its finest, people pitching in to help out. Besides, says Erik, if everyone stays positive and pays attention there’s always a way to fix things.
When asked what he does in his spare time, Erik laughed. (We assume this means there isn’t a lot of spare time.) He does enjoy hanging out with his two dogs, Mercury and Ranger. And the beard? He’s had it for six years, before it was a hipster thing, and he shows no signs of tiring of it. We look forward to seeing Erik AND his impressive beard for years to come!