This big teddy bear has been our full time Harry Hunsacker since December 2016 and we couldn’t be happier! Scott’s introduction to theatre came at the end of his high school years. He was looking for extracurricular activities, having rejected the idea of sports for being too competitive. Theatre was more his style and he loved it! In fact Scott loved theatre so much that he moved to Los Angeles to advance his theatre career.

But theatre in LA is as competitive as any sport, not Scott’s style. In the late 1990s he moved back to Dallas, did a show at Theatre Three, then promptly put his theatre career on hold while he raised a family.

The siren song of theatre, however, was too much to resist forever. After several years Scott was back on stage in Irving, where he ended up working for many years, on stage and off. Along the way he met his now girlfriend Stephanie Felton (our Lady in Red.) In December 2012 Scott got his first Pegasus role in “XSR:Die!” and a year later took on the challenge of understudying for Kurt as Harry Hunsacker. By December 2016 Scott was our full time Harry!

Scott says Pegasus is a “fantastic company” to work with, the “most professional “ in his experience. He likes the sense of family he gets at Pegasus, a place where you can fit in and feel part of a community.

As to Scott’s other interests, they are many! There appears to be nothing this man can’t do when he puts his mind to it. He is an accomplished artist, working in varied media from digital to pencil drawings and everything in between. He loves grilling, woodworking, and making cosplay items. He is a skilled photographer, and he has just recently started to pursue an interest in electronics. There’s more but you get the idea. Scott is indeed a modern day Renaissance man!

I’ll end by mentioning a very important person in Scott’s life: his grandson Declan. This little guy has captured Scott’s heart! Scott and Stephanie spend as much time as they can with Declan. We are very grateful they are able to carve out time for Pegasus and hope it will be so for years to come!