Stephanie Felton has been our Lady in Red for three years now and we are delighted she accepted the role! But the thing that really defines Stephanie is singing. She started singing when she was two and shows no sign of stopping! Stephanie grew up in a musically gifted family. They were in a singing group, so at a young age Stephanie began singing solos for other groups. This included the opportunity to sing “Santa Baby” to Donnie Osmond! 
At the age of 5 Stephanie discovered dancing and fell in love with all forms of dance, “including clogging” she says. As a teenager she saw a performing group and was hooked! She auditioned and got in. They started with local performances but soon went on national and international tours.
In high school Stephanie started acting and that laid the foundation for her impressive career in musical theatre. She moved to Texas and was involved with musical theatre in Denton for many years. She expanded to work for many other area theatres, always focused on musicals. Along the way Stephanie met her now boyfriend Scott Nixon and they fell in love. 
Stephanie says she knew about Pegasus long before we knew about her. She saw photos of our Living Black and White shows on Facebook and was enamored! So when we asked her to take over the Lady in Red role, she knew the legacy and understood the significance of her contribution. She and Scott make a charming couple during curtain call!
When asked what is the most fun about the role, Stephanie said “The reaction from the audience!” She loves to hear the gasps and says “I know what it’s like” to see the effect, especially for the first time.
When not performing in musical theatre or being the Lady in Red, Stephanie loves to travel and see different places. “They don’t even have to be exotic,” she says. “I love living out of a suitcase!” 
Look for Stephanie during the special curtain call demonstration after the upcoming show “The Color of Death!” and check out her new red dress!