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Pegasus Theatre is pleased to announce the plays, directors, and cast selected for Fresh Reads 2019 New Play Festival.

Romeo by Kevin Yancey
Directed by Alex Wade
Shakespeare meets Monty Python in this homage to the untalented and unstoppable would-be actors of the world! Although others see him as an obvious buffoon, Robert Cox fancies himself an actor, with a God-given gift he must share with his public. And share he does, when he miraculously snags a spot as the lead actor for a British theatrical troupe. The Bard will never seem the same to you after you’ve seen Robert Cox mangle some of history’s greatest roles!


David Helms, Jake Shanahan, Marisa Duran, Gerald Taylor II, Kim Winnubst, Alex Moore, Jeny Siddall, Aidan Wright, Robert Dullnig, Lauren Hearn

Presented Thursday, May 16 & Saturday, May 25. Rated R



Saturday Mornings by Tammy Venable
Directed by Ben Schroth
When best friends Lauren and Jane accidentally summon a leprechaun named Lucky, they find themselves transported to a dimension eerily similar to our own, from which they can return only when they each find their one true love. The women soon discover that true love is more difficult than they thought, and that life is more than just Saturday morning cartoons.


Kimberly Nicole, Courtney Mentzel, David Helms, Gerald Taylor II, Robert Long, Aidan Wright

Presented Friday, May 17 & Thursday, May 23. Rated PG-13



Palais de Sang by Evan Ricks and Jake Mathis
Directed by Morgan Haney
The Bogarts have just bought their dream home… or will it be a nightmare? The previous owners were found dead in blood-stained sheets shortly after moving in. Everyone says the house is haunted, but nothing will deter the Bogarts from realizing their dream of home ownership! When an inept chorus of ghouls and ghosts try to change their minds, you’ll die laughing.


Jake Shanahan, Kim Winnubst, Gerald Taylor II, Robert Long, Gerald Fitzgerald, Michael Carl Speck, Robert Dullnig, David Helms, Aidan Wright, Marisa Duran, Alex Moore

Presented Wednesday, May 22 & Friday, May 24. Rated PG-13

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