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More of our 30th Anniversary Season of Comedy!

Presented in RadioVizion! May 13-22, 2016 Bath House Cultural Center

In Living Black & White™! Previews July 12 & 13, 2016 July 14-31, 2016 Eisemann Center in Richardson

A World Premiere! August 15-27, 2016 Bath House Cultural Center

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At Pegasus Theatre, we love new comedies! Here’s a complete listing of 30 years and over 100 of our shows!

Living Black & White™

Pegasus Theatre’s signature style! Learn all about the continuing adventures of intrepid detective Harry Hunsacker.
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Read on for a glimpse into the mind of a Pegasus veteran, Blake Hametner! How long have you been involved in theatre? The official answer is sometime in elementary school, but according to my folks I have been performing since I figured out that my brain and my mouth...

Radio drama’s Golden Age!

Radio drama is nearly 90 years old, reaching its peak during the middle to late 1940s. Before the 1920s, formal radio programs were unknown. Most broadcasts were one-time events consisting mainly of talk and music. Broadcast hours were irregular, usually four or five...

H’mlet! next in the countdown!

Our production of H’mlet! is special in several ways! Remember, this was 1986. The trend of spoofing Shakespearean plays hadn’t taken off yet. So this original musical (our first!) was a bit of a departure for theatre goers. And what fun it was! The songs...

Behind the Scenes: Meet James Nelms

Depending on your perspective, James is either a graphic designer, a photographer, or a streetcar operator in training! James follows in the footsteps of other talented graphic designers who have contributed to Pegasus Theatre over the years. We sat down to talk with...

Audition Notice: “The Frequency of Death!” in RadioVizion™

Pegasus Theatre announces Non-Equity auditions for the upcoming RadioVizion™ production at the Bath House Cultural Center of The Frequency of Death!, a comedy murder-mystery by Kurt Kleinmann. RadioVizion™ is an alternative technique devised by Pegasus Theatre for the...

Today we highlight the amazing Michael Serrecchia!

Michael Serrecchia is a familiar name to many inside and outside of the theatre community. From his phenomenal Broadway experience to his work today as a director in the DFW area, he has made a permanent impact on theatre in America. Here’s more about this...