The Naughty Bits

A new show by Kurt Kleinmann
and the Naughty Bit Players
At the Bath House Cultural Center

August 13•29, 2015

Sometimes you just need a grown-up’s night out. Come see The Naughty Bits and let us feed your inner adult! It’s an evening of sketch comedy, poking fun at contemporary life with an eye for the absurd. Leave the kids at home and enjoy an evening of offbeat humor that’ll exercise your funny bone!

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Profiles in Talent: Jim Kuenzer

Today we continue our Profiles in Talent series, highlighting the theatre artists who contribute their time and talent to making Pegasus Theatre successful. Meet pegasus veteran Jim Kuenzer, who you can see in our upcoming show, The Naughty Bits! Q: How long have you...

A true Renaissance man: Alan Tompkins!

I defy anyone to write a SHORT summary about Alan Tompkins, president of Pegasus Theatre’s Board of Directors. This talented man has so many facets that it’s virtually impossible to cram them all into one article. But I’ll give it a good try. (Be...

From the Archives: Mark Mullino’s Pegasus Artwork

Technically, this artwork isn’t in our archives. It’s too beautiful to languish there. Instead it adorns a wall in the office of our Artistic Director, Kurt Kleinmann. If you are active in the DFW theatre community, you no doubt know Mark Mullino as a...

Meet John Harvey

John Harvey is a man who wears many hats for Pegasus Theatre; he’s our Resident Props Designer, Stage Manager, Craft Services Manager, Inventory Manager, and Producer of our RadioVizion play reading series. Learn more about the man under those hats in this brief...

Tales From Our Audience: The Kavanaghs!

Today we highlight (and say a special thanks to) Pegasus supporters Peter and Lynn Kavanagh. We couldn’t find a photo of the Kavanaghs so we took another photo that fits the story, as you’ll see shortly. Every once in a while, Pegasus Theatre tries...

From the Archives: A Chalkboard

But not just any chalkboard! This is the original chalkboard that was built for the first production of XSR:Die! by Kurt Kleinmann in 1987. Yes, this chalkboard has lived with us for over 28 years! First, for 16 years at our original space on Main Street. Then in a...

Living Black & White™

Pegasus Theatre’s signature style! Learn all about the continuing adventures of intrepid detective Harry Hunsacker.

Churchmouse Productons

Churchmouse Productions

Alternative offerings from Pegasus Theatre focusing on the script and acting, behaving as if we are “as poor as church mice.”

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