March 20-21, 2015

Death is No Small Change!

Written by Kurt Kleinmann
Directed by Raymond Banda

A Harry Hunsacker Adventure Reading
At the Bathhouse Cultural Center

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Audiences love Living Black & White shows!

Here’s what audience members are saying about the Living Black & White™ shows at Pegasus Theatre! Get your tickets for Another Murder, Another Show! now at (972) 744-4650! “Love, love Black & White Theatre!” “Friends, if you have never...

Meet Michelle Foster!

Some Q&A with our Production Manager, Michelle Foster! (See yesterday’s blog for a description of her duties.) Michelle is fairly new to Dallas and to Pegasus, so we’re letting her tell her story in her own words. And she’s a free-lance writer,...

Who Does What Around Here? (Part 4)

Last week you read about the role of Managing Director (the business side). This week we’ll cover the Managing Director’s counterpart, the Production Manager (the artistic side). Both roles report to the Executive Director and then the Artistic Director....

Meet Art Kedzierski!

The next member of our executive team is our Managing Director, Art Kedzierski. Patrons with a good memory and a keen eye will recall Art in the role of Douglas Mallory in the 2013 production of XSR:Die! or as Grady in the 2013 reading of A Degree of...

Who Does What Around Here? (Part 3)

Wow, these posts that explain our org chart sure contain some gripping drama! Ok, they may not tug at your heart strings or make you laugh, but perhaps there are a few nuggets in these that help you understand Pegasus Theatre a little better. In previous posts...

Collaboration or competition?

There is an element of live theatre that is a business, just like any other. So you might think that theatres must compete with each other for audiences, that there must be winners and losers. I reject this idea, and not just because I’m having a warm and fuzzy...

Living Black & White™

Pegasus Theatre’s signature style! Learn all about the continuing adventures of intrepid detective Harry Hunsacker.

Churchmouse Productons

Churchmouse Productions

Alternative offerings from Pegasus Theatre focusing on the script and acting, behaving as if we are “as poor as church mice.”

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