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Pegasus Theatre announces new Managing Director

Effective October 22, Art Kedzierski joins Pegasus Theatre’s staff as their Managing Director. In this capacity he will oversee all administrative functions of the theatre, such as Marketing, Patron Services, and Fundraising. Mr. Kedzierski holds a Bachelor of...

Many Familiar Faces in Upcoming Pegasus Show!

If you know your old movies, you probably know about the old studio system. A studio would put actors under contract for a period of time during which the actor was obligated to appear in a certain number of films. One outcome of the system was that audiences saw many...

Announcing our cast!

We’ve got our cast! Pegasus Theatre’s upcoming Living Black & White™ show is Another Murder, Another Show! by Kurt Kleinmann, to be directed by Michael Serrecchia. The cast consists of: Ben Bryant (Nigel Grouse) Chad Cline (Lt Foster) Jarratt Calvert...

Results of this week’s trivia quiz!

No quiz winner this week! Looks like we need to let some people study up on their Living Black & White™ lore before we try another quiz. Look for more opportunities to win free stuff in December! Answers to the quiz: Kurt Kleinmann has written 16 scripts in the...

Another Saturday Ticket Giveaway Quiz? Oh Yeah!!!

It’s here! This week’s opportunity to win two free tickets to see Pegasus Theatre’s upcoming Living Black & White™ show in January 2015! How To Win Correctly answer the trivia questions listed below. Entries will be accepted until Noon on Sunday,...

Undercurrents and Themes in the Living Black & White™ series!

Previous blog posts have covered the origin of some elements of the Living Black & White™ shows: the inspiration for the characters of Harry and Nigel; the kernel of an idea that was at the root of Full Moon Murders! and Deadline! Here we expand that discussion a...

Living Black & White™

Pegasus Theatre’s signature style! Learn all about the continuing adventures of intrepid detective Harry Hunsacker.

Churchmouse Productons

Churchmouse Productions

Alternative offerings from Pegasus Theatre focusing on the script and acting, behaving as if we are “as poor as church mice.”

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