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Pegasus Theatre announces auditions for “Fresh Reads 2”, our second new play festival!

As we continue the mission of Pegasus Theatre to produce new and original comedies in a professional setting, highlighting the talents of North Texas theatre artists, we are pleased to announce our second annual new play festival, Fresh Reads 2 at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, May 17-26, 2018.

Auditions will be:  Saturday, April 21 from 1 to 5pm

                                Sunday, April 22 from 5 to 9pm

Auditions will be conducted in the Choir room of the First United Lutheran Church in Dallas at 6202 E. Mockingbird Ln.

Audition sides will be emailed one week prior to the auditions. Please bring a recent headshot and resume.

Fresh Reads 2 is a staged reading new play festival–no memorization required. Each of the selected plays will have five rehearsals. Rehearsal dates will, to a certain degree, be based on the availability of the cast. All roles will be paid.

To book an audition appointment:


Selected plays this year are:

Our Space” by Caroline Turner Cole

Asylum in Georgia” by John C. Davenport

The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing” By Steven Young



Our Space explores the use of social media by bringing to the stage some unlikely characters — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others lead the audience through the digital world, exploring daily life through a new and interesting lens. A surreal and yet surprisingly realistic look at how constant “connection” can work in reverse to break down relationships. A demanding and exciting ensemble piece.

Social Media Characters – our mediators between digital and real life

Phone, the boss
Facebook, happy and energetic, almost too much so Instagram, moody and artistic, a hipster
Twitter, bossy and to the point
Text, socially awkward and emotional
Blog, giving unsolicited, cheerful advice
Email, proper and formal, British accent

*Note: Gender and race does not matter for Social Media characters. Gender specific pronouns have occasionally been written into the text but aren’t important and can easily be adjusted as necessary.

Human Characters – gender matters, race does not.

Jordan Simpkins, 50-something, web editor for
Sasha Simpkins, 48, housewife with various charitable pursuits
Isabella Simpkins, 16, a very bright high school student
Jim James, 50-something, doctor for, dermatologist by trade

Mary James, 48, housewife with various charitable pursuits
Amos James, 16, a baseball player



Asylum in Georgia – Pauletta, an anchorwoman at a Texas TV station, comes to the tiny Georgia town of Throckmorton to resolve some issues while she’s at a crossroads in her life. She’s on “administrative leave” from her job, she’s gotten through her second divorce, and she has just dropped off her son to start college. But the big questions have to do with a pile of bricks in Throckmorton that will soon be part of a resort. Was that a mental asylum her father built … and ultimately destroyed?


Dobber, 50s or older: Rumpled regular in the general store in the small Georgia town of Throckmorton.

Pauletta, 40s to 50s: TV anchorwoman from Lubbock, Texas, who comes to Throckmorton to resolve “one of the bigger gaping holes in my life” involving what may or may not have been a mental asylum built by her father.

Gussie, 40s to 50s: Runs the general store and owns most of the town.

Shari: Offstage voice of Pauletta’s phone, has a mind of her own.

Daniel, 20: Pauletta’s son, starting college at Georgia Tech after surviving a horrific incident in high school.

Mathis, 40s to 50s: A local surveyor who has resisted the advances of Gussie for years, but attracts the interest of Pauletta.

Edgar Patterson, 50s or older: Runs the library in Throckmorton, former mayor, knows where the bodies are buried.

Patsy, 40s to 50s: Pauletta’s “vagabond” sister who comes to Throckmorton from New Orleans to help her.

Bo-Bo, 40s to 50s: A local who is a former childhood friend of Pauletta’s; Iraq veteran who’s a bit developmentally disabled.

Brock and Lolly: White trash from Atlanta. They can be double-cast with Bo-Bo and Shari.



SYNOPSIS: You’ve been towed…get as angry as you wish, you will pay the man. In the most horrendous rainstorm in Chicago history, six eccentric individuals are left stranded in a bar after the notorious and corrupt Lincoln Towing hauls away their vehicles. The vehicular-ily challenged must first overcome their differences to take revenge on the infamous towing company.


STAN – A female of any race in her late twenties

JANICOWSKI – A Caucasian male and the oldest character on stage

DARWIN – An African American male in his early thirties

LILLY – A Caucasian female in her late twenties or early thirties

FLO – A Caucasian female and age appropriate to Janicowski

DMZ – A young male of any race, uses an English accent