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Meet Selmore Haines III, the director of our upcoming reading of “The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing” by Steven Young. He’s a fascinating guy! See his work on Thursday 5/17 and Saturday 5/26 as part of our Fresh Reads 2 New Play Reading Festival!


First we requested Selmore’s biography:
Selmore Haines, III, is making his directorial debut with Pegasus Theatre. Mr. Haines recently performed as an actor in Pegasus Theatre’s RadioVizion production of “Death:Take 1!” He has also directed with The Haymarket Theater, Sojourner Truth Players, Bishop Arts Theater Center, NIA Kids Center for the Performing Arts, and the St. John Christian Theater Ministry.

Then we asked Selmore some questions:
1. How long have you worked with Pegasus Theatre?
Answer: This is my second production with Pegasus. (Editor’s note: The second of many, we hope!)

2. What appeals to you about this project?
Answer: I love having the opportunity to direct actors who want to grow.

3. How long have you been involved in theatre?
Answer: My first acting experience was at 6 years old and now I’m 59.

4. What do you do when not working on this project?
Answer: I work as a professional actor and director and I drive for Uber part time.

5. Give an odd fact about yourself.
Answer: I collect pig figurines and crosses.

6. Describe your first live theatre memory.
Answer: At 13 years old, I was cast as an Irish peddler with the Junior Players Guild.

7. What inspired you to get involved in theatre?
Answer: I love bringing joy to people and move them emotionally.

8. Any theatrical pet peeves?
Answer: I can’t stand gum chewing in rehearsal and tardiness.

9. Your favorite play/musical (that you didn’t write)?
Answer: My favorite play is “A Streetcar Named Desire” and my favorite musical is “The Wiz”.

10. What is your hometown and where else have you lived?
Answer: I was born in Lakeworth, Florida. I moved to Dallas at 9 years old when my father was hired by Texas Instruments. Currently, I live in Duncanville. I have lived in Delaware, New Jersey and North Carolina.

11. What would you like the audience to take away from the piece you’ve directed?
Answer: Perfect strangers can be united by a typical situation, but end up doing atypical things.

Curious about his directing resume? We’ve got that too!
“The Best African-American /Christmas Ever” NIA Kids Center for the Performing Arts
“God’s Trombones” NIA Kids Center for the Performing Arts
“Hansel and Gretel in Africa” NIA Kids Center for the Performing Arts
“Color Us Black” NIA Kids Center for the Performing Arts
“Black Nativity” Bishop Arts Theater Center
“The Prodigal Son’s Christmas” St. John Christian Theater Ministry
“I’ve Just Seen Jesus” St. John Christian Theater Ministry
“A Walk with the King” St. John Christian Theater Ministry
“Miracle at the Manger” St. John Christian Theater Ministry
“Goin’ Home for Christmas” St. John Christian Theater Ministry
“Livin’ De Life” Haymarket Theater
“Bill Pickett” Sojourner Truth Players

Founder/Artistic Director – St. John Christian Theater Ministry
Playwright/Production Director – NIA Kids Center for the Performing Arts

B.A. Degree, Theater – Austin College, Sherman, Texas