The clowns are gone, for now! We had a blast with “Clowning Around With Murder!” by Kurt Kleinmann! We hope you did as well. All 3500 of you!

What a joy this show was to produce! We give a big shoutout to our co-producers Roy and Penny McClurg who were instrumental in helping get this 20th Harry Hunsacker script on its feet.

Yes, this was the 20th Living Black and White(tm) script Kurt has written. Pretty amazing when you add in the fact that Kurt’s original goal was to write a trilogy! There were other milestones we celebrated with this show:

1. This was the 35th Living Black and White(tm) show produced by Pegasus Theatre!

2. Our friend and colleague Leslie Patrick celebrated her 20th year with Pegasus Theatre! She clearly started with us as a child actor…

3. Our friend, colleague, and beloved teen idol Ben Bryant celebrated his 10th year as that smooth talking Nigel Grouse.

Keep an eye on this space for news about which Living Black and White(tm) classic show will be brought back in January 2020! In the meantime don’t miss the RadioVizion production of “Death Express!” by Kurt Kleinmann, playing at the Bath House Cultural Center in March. Tickets go on sale February 1!