Thanks to a recommendation from the talented Robin Armstrong, John Harvey joined Pegasus Theatre in late 2005 as our Assistant Stage Manager. He was immediately struck by two things:
  1. Everyone in the cast, crew, and producing team was very accepting and encouraging.
  2. You mean I get PAID to do this?!
John was an extremely organized ASM and became much beloved by the cast and crew. But he was destined for even greater things! Our props designer stopped returning our phone calls and emails (a sure sign of a break up), so John stepped into the void and designed props for that show, including the creation of a life-sized sarcophagus!! It turned out he had a natural gift for props design, a role he has filled for nearly every Pegasus show ever since.
These days John focuses on several key roles:
o  Managing Director
o  Production Stage Manager
o  Graphic Designer
o  Craft Services
o  Inventory Manager
o  Adapter of the Living Black and White plays for RadioVizion
o  Foley artist for RadioVizion shows
When asked how he managed to juggle these responsibilities with the demands of daily life, John’s response was “The secret is no sleep.” On a related note, John is miffed that retirement from his job with Irving’s public library system was misrepresented as a chance to slow down. “I was told there would be naps,” says John.
John enjoys wine, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and animals. His favorite time of day is the 30 minutes before the curtain goes up, when “anything can happen!” “It’s like Christmas,” says John. We can’t imagine our world without him. But we ARE sorry about the naps.