On 3/14/20 the City of Dallas cancelled general access to the Dallas Public Libraries which impacted the run of “A Critical Case of Murder!” presented in RadioVizion at the Lochwood Branch Library. If we can re-mount the show later in the year we will, but, for now we must wait and see along with the nation and the world what will happen with the COVID-19 containment efforts.

If you purchased tickets to the RadioVizion show, we can arrange either a transfer of your tickets to another show in the season or a refund. You may contact us directly at (214) 821-6005. If you’d rather, we accept texts, or you may email us at: comedy@pegasustheatre.com

There is one ray of good news! We live-streamed the performance on 3/13/20 and it is now on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pegasustheatredallas) for your viewing pleasure! If you enjoy it, please consider a donation to Pegasus Theatre to help offset costs associated with this production.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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Due to the developing impact of Covid-19, we are going to postpone Fresh Reads 2020 until further notice.  We are still committed to helping develop new comedic works, and hope to bring Fresh Reads 2020: Reading War to you soon.  

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