As theater-makers, we hold ourselves accountable to practices that will ensure that Pegasus Theatre is an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and actively anti-racist organization, both on-stage and off. Moving forward, you will see the same diversity on the audition team that we hope to see on-stage. We will charge our directors to be “diversity conscious” in their casting. With the help of our Diversity Advocate, we will strive to make the audition room a safe space for all, regardless of age, race, color, gender identity, disability, religion, veteran status, national origin, or sexual orientation. We welcome you!


As this will be a live RadioVizion ™ presentation on stage with an audience, Pegasus Theatre will be using a fully vaccinated cast, crew, and production team on this RadioVizion ™ production at the Bath House Cultural Center.

  • Auditions for “Death on Delivery!”, a comedy murder-mystery by Kurt Kleinmann, presented in RadioVizion™, will be held via Zoom on Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11. Raymond Banda will direct the production.
  • Audition times are Saturday (7/10/21) 1 – 5pm and Sunday (7/11/21) 4 – 8pm.
  • Auditions for “Death on Delivery!” will be conducted via Zoom. A link to the auditions will be sent to you in advance of your audition date.
  • Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Audition sides will be emailed to you after you sign up. A reader(s) will be provided.
  • Rehearsals will be in person.
  • Performance dates are August 5 – 21, 2021.

The Story:

The setting is City Hospital where Lt. Foster’s wife (Beverly, a.k.a. Bubbles) has just given birth to their first child, Harriet. But danger lurks around every corner! Our intrepid trio (Harry, his paid-by-the-hour assistant Nigel Grouse, and Lt. Foster of the “real” police) must solve a mysterious string of murders before a madman claims one of their own. With Harry on the case, it should be “child’s play”!

The roles of Harry, Nigel, and Foster—the central recurring characters in this series—have been cast.



Bill Parker – An orderly at Central Hospital. 30’s

Nurse Gloria Crabtree – The Head Nurse. A by the book sort. Very loyal to Dr. Konrad Styner. 40 – 60.

Dr. James Powell -A young intern. 30’s

Dr. Emma Kruger – On the staff of City Hospital. 30’s – 40’s

Nurse Laraine Turner– Competent at her work. Sweet on Dr. Powell. 30’s

Dr. Konrad Styner – Used to being in charge. Indifferent to anyone not directly related to whatever case he may be working on at the moment. 60’s and up.

Beverly “Bubbles” Foster –The wife of Lt. Foster. She has recently given birth to their daughter, Harriet. 40’s.

Nora Rogers – A troubled young woman. 20’s

Mrs. Schwartzman – Beverly’s mother. She despises her daughter’s choice of a husband. 60’s and up.


Sign Up To Audition: Please fill out and submit our online audition form on TheaterForms and make an appointment for your audition. Have your calendar handy and be prepared to enter rehearsal conflicts. You will be asked to upload a headshot (a JPEG file) and a theatrical résumé (a PDF file) if you have one. If you don’t have either of these files you can still submit the form.

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