Auditions for “A Trifle Dead!”, a comedy murder-mystery by Kurt Kleinmann, presented in socially distanced Black & White, will be held via Zoom on Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25. Michael Serrecchia will direct the production. Marc Rouse will be the video director.

We are seeking an ethnically diverse cast. Audition times are Saturday (10/24) 4 – 9pm and Sunday (10/25) 5 – 9pm.

Rehearsals begin November 9. There will be a Thanksgiving Break (November 25 – 29.)  Rehearsal dates are listed on the audition sign-up page. Rehearsals will be in the evening over Zoom. Filming will start December 5. This is a paid position.

There will be as few in person rehearsals scheduled as possible. As much as possible we will rehearse over Zoom. In person rehearsals will require wearing a mask and having your temperature checked with a non-contact thermometer prior to rehearsal.

The video production will premiere on New Year’s Eve. A complete rehearsal calendar is on the audition sign-up page.

The Story:

It was a bitterly cold night in January of 1938. It was the sort of night where only a fool would go out. Harry Hunsacker, would be-actor turned would-be detective, barely made it to millionaire industrialist Edward Stone’s house. Stone feared his life was in danger. He had hired Hunsacker as a bodyguard. It was a fatal mistake. Soon Harry, with the aid of his paid-by-the-hour assistant and friend Nigel Grouse, and Lt. Foster of the real police, is investigating Stone’s murder. The mansion is filled with suspects–Sinclair, the butler always making coffee; Robert, the alcoholic good-for-nothing son; Pamela the strong-willed daughter; and the glamorous Helen Reeves–a movie star and Edward Stone’s mistress. One thing is certain–someone killed Edward Stone and with Harry Hunsacker on the case they might just get away with it!

Edward Stone (50 +) – Mega-rich. A true American aristocrat. A self-made man. He’s faced danger many times, but now he’s scared.
Pamela Stone (20’s) – Edward Stone’s daughter. She is strong-willed, beautiful, and vulnerable.
Robert Stone – (20 – 30’s) – Edward Stone’s son. He may appear to be a good-for-nothing lush (which, of course, he is) but he’s true to himself. He has his own ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong.
Helen Reeves (40 +) -The grand actress with emphasis on the grand. When she wants to be she’s charming and gracious. She can also be an acid-tongued bitch. She is on the sunset side of her career.
Sinclair (Ageless) -The Stone family butler. He’s very efficient when it comes to his job, and in times of stress becomes more so. He’s a little on the creepy side but he makes a great cup of coffee.

“A Trifle Dead!” is part of a series of plays which chronicle the adventures of Harry Hunsacker, a dim-witted would-be actor turned dim-witted would-be detective and his associate, good friend, and paid by the hour assistant, Nigel Grouse, along with Lt. Foster of the real police. This series of plays are an affectionate pastiche of the black and white “Gentleman Detective” movies of the 1930s and 1940’s. The acting style of the 1930’s and 1940’s films is different than that of today and we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the acting style of that period. We are including links to some examples; a short clip from “The Thin Man” which includes one of the most unforgettable entrances by an actress you’ll ever see, and “Charlie Chan at the Opera” which features Boris Karloff–as an opera singer!

You Tube Links to check out for the style:

Short Clip from “The Thin Man”

Charlie Chan at the Opera – full movie

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Pegasus Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all actors to audition regardless of race, ethnic origin, religious preference, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or nationality.

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