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The RadioVizion™ presentation of


by Kurt Kleinmann, at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, March 15 – March 24, 2018

(Dateline: February 1938)
In an effort to prevent Harry Hunsacker (would-be actor turned would-be detective) from ruining his wedding, Lt. Foster arranges for Harry and Nigel Grouse (Harry’s paid-by-the-hour assistant and friend) to be on a cruise ship and out of the country. Escorting them onto the boat Lt. Foster ends up trapped on board as the ship sets sail. Harry gets our trio kicked off the boat in Egypt and soon our heroes stumble onto a motion picture being filmed in an actual pyramid. In no time at all the over-bearing and womanizing producer of the film is murdered and everyone is trapped in the pyramid!

RadioVizion™ is an alternative technique devised by Pegasus Theatre for the presentation of the Living Black & White™ series of Harry Hunsacker adventures. RadioVizion™ does not employ the trade-secret makeup but instead focuses on recreating the experience and glamour of being in a live radio studio of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Live sound effects, actors at period style live microphones, and costumes evocative of the era complete the effect.


 Joshua Bangle, Ben Bryant, Chad Cline, Isabelle Culpepper, Jared Culpepper, Gerald Fitzgerald, Gordon Fox, Selmore Haines III, John Harvey, Alex Moore, Scott Nixon, Rachel Rouse

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