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Your donations are critical!

They allow us to continue to bring you both the annual Living Black & White™ gala production of new comedy-murder-mysteries, featuring the inept but endearing detective Harry Hunsacker, and they allow us to bring you other new and original comedies in a professional setting, highlighting the talents of North Texas theatre artists.

In a well-run theatre, the ticket price typically generates about a third of the theatre’s budget. Non-profit theaters are expected to show community support by getting another third from individual donors like you. The final third comes from corporations and foundations. All donations to Pegasus Theatre are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Pegasus Theatre is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a charitable institution under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.


Harry’s Angels

(Donations of $5,000 or more)

  • Anonymous
  • City of Richardson
  • Texas Instruments Foundation
  • Jonathan Mintzer
  • Barbara Weinberger

Nigel’s Irregulars

(Donations of $1,000 or more)

  • Sandi & Andy Allen
  • Geoffrey Hoefer
  • Richard Kleinmann
  • Michael Piper and Tamara Lovell
  • Irwin Srob

Foster’s Squad

(Donations of $500 or more)

  • Cory Coons
  • Sandy & John Fambrough
  • John Harvey


(Donations of $250 or more)

  • Barbara Q. “Babs” McNutt
  • Alan & Julie Tompkins


(Donations of $100 or more)

  • Grace Arianoutsos
  • Dave & Fay Davis
  • Cynthia Jensen
  • Kurt Kleinmann
  • Victor Kralisz & Russell Windle
  • Keith & Karen McElwain
  • Joni Melnick
  • David W. Ricker
  • Kari Wood


(Donations of up to $25)

  • Stephen Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Stan Aten
  • Grant Bynum
  • Joseph Cicio
  • Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • Sarah Heredia
  • Barbara Rhodes
  • Deborah Deering Schwartz
  • Sharon Swink
  • Mark Zeigler


  • Friend • $25+ per season
  • Directors • $100+ per season
  • Producers • $250+ per season
  • Foster’s Squad • $500+ per season
  • Nigel’s Irregulars • $1000+ per season
  • Harry’s Angels • $5000+ per season

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Just like that, 0.5% of each purchase goes to support Living Black & White™ and all other Pegasus Theatre productions!