I am a very lucky woman. Being married to playwright Kurt Kleinmann (also Pegasus Theatre’s Artistic Director) comes with some perks! One of those perks is that I’m the first person to read the new script pages, literally hot (well, warm) off the printer.
Combine this privilege with the fact that I am also a writer (strictly non-fiction!), and it was logical that I would become Kurt’s editor too. I can’t think of a better job!

As Kurt’s wife/editor/executive director, I’ll share some little-known facts about Kurt’s writing process:

  1. Kurt does about 80% of his writing in his head before he starts putting anything down on paper.
  2. If you’ve seen any of Kurt’s plays, you can probably guess there is a lot of research that goes into each one. Sometimes the research involves reading, sometimes it involves watching old movies. For this show, it also involved a trip to an antique store to see what 1930s hospital instruments they had that he could make use of in the script. (He found something but you’ll have to see the show to discover what it is!)
  3. Once Kurt has a strong sense of the characters, he’s ready to start typing. Notice I didn’t mention the plot yet. Kurt describes his process as one of “letting the characters reveal the story” to him. When Kurt starts typing, he often doesn’t know yet who the murderer is, who the victim is, or what the motive for the murder is!
  4. Once Kurt starts typing, he generates about 3 pages in a four-hour work session. And he does this day after day until the script is done. If you’re a writer, you know that’s a pretty productive pace!
  5. As a result Kurt can write a typical script in about a month. But don’t forget…this was preceded by about four months of research and reflection!
  6. We generally hold auditions about 11 weeks before opening night, 6 weeks before rehearsals start. And Kurt starts writing one to two weeks after the director selects the cast. All of this means that Kurt can tailor roles to the specific strengths of the actors who are cast. In fact Kurt sits in on the auditions for this very purpose.
  7. Kurt stays in close contact with the design team as well as the director and production manager as he writes. This is critical to the success of the show! Luckily our director, production manager, and design team know what they’ve signed up for! They enjoy the thrill of working with a new script and have adjusted to the ambiguity of not having a complete script until rehearsals start.
It’s a process that has served Kurt and Pegasus Theatre well for over 30 years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some brand new script pages to read…

Don’t forget to get your tickets for Death On Delivery! by Kurt Kleinmann! You can call the Eisemann Center Box Office at (962) 744-4650 or you can go to their website at www.eisemanncenter.com. We look forward to seeing you at the show!